Justyn Vogel and Mel Graham

Meet Mel Graham and Justyn Vogel, the dynamic mother and daughter duo who run Enchantment Equitreks. Their passion for horses has span from ranches to show rings, race tracks to trail rides. For many years Mel and Justyn traveled all over the world for riding vacations and worked with their local horse shelter rehabilitating rescue horses. It was in 2012 that they decided to combine their love of travel, trail riding, and rescue horses. They spent a month in Africa volunteering with Mozambique Horse Safari learning what it would take to start their dream business. Mel laid out their five year plan to Pat and Mandy Retzlaff and Mandy replied “Darling, why wait? Go home and just do it.” That is exactly what these ladies did. In 2013 they sold their house in town, moved to the country, and started Enchantment Equitreks with only three rescue horses.

From then on they have become the trail guides, wranglers, horse trainers, hostesses, and all of the many positions it requires to run this family business. “We want to keep our business small because we don't want to lose the intimate and personal touch with our clients. We hope they feel like they're here riding with friends and become part of the family,” Justyn explains.  Mel and Justyn are ready to take you on a New Mexico adventure.

We are continuing our cowgirl legacy by inspiring and hiring young equestrians. Meet our outfitter intern, Paige Brandon. When she isn't involved in FFA events or training for Rodeo Queen, she is at our ranch working horses. She started at Enchantment Equitreks in 2015 as a groom and quickly became a trail guide. As we build our Foster Horse Program,  Paige will be included in the training process of new horses. We belive that hands on experince is essential and that there is always something new to learn in the horse industry. We look forward to working with this talented and enthusiastic young lady and we know she is excited to meet you. 


When Gabrielle found Twilight in her home town of Boise, Idaho, the mare was  malnourished and nursing a foal. With love, time, and some training the pair became inseparable.  Now calling New Mexico home, Gabby and Twilight have been with us since the spring of 2017. While Gabrielle manages the day to day activities of the barn, she and Twilight are also our top wranglers. Her hard work, quick wit, and cheerful nature has made Gabby an invaluable asset to the Enchantment Equitreks team. She is always ready to meet our clients needs. As she says, “I’m here for your stirrup comfort.” In her free time she is an accomplished and published creative writer.  


Although Tatiana is new to being a wrangler, her skills as an equestrian and EMT made her an easy choice to join our team this year. Growing up in the show ring, Tatiana has traveled the world with her family showing and eventing. When she isn’t at our barn, she competes in 3 Day Eventing with her OTTB gelding, Whistler. Her face lights up when she talks about their adventures around cross country course.