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Our core mission to rehabilitate and re-home rescue horses is the focal point of our business and we want to share our experiences with you. This 8 day working volunteer program offers riders age 15 and older the ability to develop their trail riding skills, learn to work with rescue horses, and immerse themselves in the Southwest culture. Each day will be spent working on the ranch, in the saddle, and engaging with clients. Down time can be spent at the pool or hot tub, hiking, biking, or joining a yoga class.


Typical Day

  • Helping with ranch chores and horses. Most of the daily chores such as feeding and mucking are done by staff, but you may be asked to grab a pitch fork and pitch in. We also have chickens, cows, and gardens that always need attention. You may be asked to gather eggs, pick veggies, or ride out to check the cows.

  • Loading and unloading equipment and tack in the trailer before and after rides. Cleaning tack and horses after rides.

  • Grooming horses and helping tack before rides or training.

  • Lots of riding! You will either be riding with clients, going on training rides with wranglers, or exercising ranch horses.

  • Helping with meals. If you like to cook, we always need help in the kitchen. Not an aspiring chef? You can help set the table and clear dishes after meals.

  • Other activities may include visiting the horse rescues and going with clients on tourism days to Santa Fe and Madrid.


What’s Included in your Package

  • Lodging in either our guest house or main house. We provide basic toiletries, hair dryer, linens and towels, wifi, laundry services. Rooms may be shared by same sex volunteers over the age of 18.

  • Meals. If we have clients you will be joining them for meals. Breakfast is a European continental, lunches are often light salads and soups, dinners are family style that highlight New Mexican cuisine. If we do not have clients then meals will be similar and taken with your hosts. We can accommodate many dietary needs.

  • Airport transportation to and from the Albuquerque Airport.

  • Access to pool, hot tub, hiking trails, mountain bikes.

  • If there is an event during your stay, such as the rodeo, you are invited to go but entree fees (usually about $20) are an additional cost. You are always welcome to join yoga classes. There are extra activities, such as kayaking, you can add at your own cost.

  • Lots of riding and horse time! If we aren’t riding we will be training horses. You will receive hands on time during our training process.

Our Expectations

The role of a volunteer is to assist with the riding, care and preparation of our horses and clients. We are a small, family operation and we want this to be a great experience for all involved. We hope that you feel like you’re staying with friends so it is important for you to be aware of our expectations.

Experience: This program is open to riders no younger than 15 years old. We do ask our volunteers to have some horseback riding experience at a novice level. A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.

Working Environment: We understand that there are many different training methods out there. We do not prescribe to any one method. We have developed a program that works for our horses and trainers. We ask all volunteers to be open to our program, be willing to follow directions when working with horses, and be respectful to trainers, wranglers, staff and clients. If at any time we feel like a volunteer has placed a horse or another person in a dangerous situation we will ask them to leave with no refunds.

Punctuality: When dealing with the welfare of animals there are certain tasks that must be done at certain times. Failure to do this not only holds up staff and other volunteers it effects the experience of the client and the amount of time we can spend in the saddle having fun. In the summer we ride very early in order to beat the heat of the day, which means some morning will start as early as 5am.

Alcohol and Drug Policy: We are well aware that everyone likes to have a good time and will happily join in with volunteers for a drink after work. On the other hand we will not accept regular drunkenness and operate a zero tolerance policy on drug use and under age drinking. We are also a smoking free facility.

Before we started our own horseback riding vacation business, Mel and Justyn joined the volunteer program at Mozambique Horse Safari. The Retzlaff’s caring nature, passion for rescue horses, and attention to detail were the inspiration for Enchantment Equitreks. We have fashioned our own volunteer program after theirs in hopes that we can provide the same fun filled and enlightening experience.

Our Volunteer programs are 8 days April-November

Volunteers dates coincide with all other vacation dates. Please scroll through the calendar for availability. Although most of these dates are set up for 7 days, we will extend the dates for a 8 day package.

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