Yoga doesn’t take time, It gives time
— Ganga White

Give yourself the gift of time.

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Yoga mini retreat

5 days, 4 nights, 3 days of Yoga and Riding

When you feel the need for a quick escape from the demands of a busy schedule our yoga weekend is just the place to slow life down. Every equestrian has felt the rejuvenating powers of being horseback in nature. We want to combined that healing with the grounding of yoga.  Reconnect to your center with Aroma Therapy Hatha or enliven your evening with Vino and Vinyasa. With two yoga sessions daily and a creative list of classes to choose from we can build just the restorative weekend you are looking for. 


8 days, 7 nights, 5 days of Yoga and Riding, 1 day in Santa Fe

7 days, 6 nights, 4 days of Yoga and riding, 1 day in Santa Fe

When you truly need to immerse yourself in the restorative powers of equine and yoga, this retreat balances your mind, nourish your body and lighten your soul. Each yoga session is hand crafted by our co-owner, Justyn Vogel, to suit your experience and needs. Our trail guides select each ride with your riding style and level in mind. In addition to your two yoga sessions per day we also offer an introductory into Equi-Yoga.  Essentially this week is about you and what you need to find peace and balance.


Where ever you find the foot print of the human being in the sand, you find the foot prints of the horse walking next to him



Horses have carried us through history and have been our partners along the way. It's only natural that they accompany us in our journey of self discovery. Equi-Yoga borrows asanas (poses) and breathing techniques from yoga and translates them into the saddle. You begin this program on the mat creating a foundation of breath and learning the asanas. As you move to the saddle our horses stand patiently, often breathing and stretching with you, as you begin to find a flow. When you are ready to advance, the horse walks out on a lounge line as you match your rhythm with the animal. This unique technique highlights many trouble areas, such as the neck, shoulders, arms, seat, and legs. It brings awareness to your balance and strength, essentially because your mat is moving to its own pace. By adding the equine element to yoga the equestrian will learn to adjust to new situations with breath and supplenss, reevaluate the body cues to keep clear communication, and build a deeper connection to your horse. This discovery can be utilized to enhance your riding and your yoga practice. "It helps you explore your body from the inside out, " explains Marty Whittle, founder of Equi-Yoga. 


Meet our Yoga instructors


A good day in the saddle is as healing as a session on my mat.

Justyn Vogel

As co-owner and outfitter of Enchantment Equitreks, Justyn has blended her passion for horses and yoga in our EquiYoga program. After practicing for 15 years, she received her teacher training at Indi Yoga Studio in 2017. Trained in a Vinyasa and Yin style that focuses function over form, Justyn leads classes focused on rider release and body awareness. Her classes embrace those new to yoga and practicing yogis. She will take you from mat, to saddle, to trail with sessions designed to create awareness of the asana and horsmanship connection. 


Yoga Guide * Foodie * Soul Searcher * Lover of Life & Naps

Samantha Sandoval

Sam is passionate about encouraging growth of the physical and spiritual self! She believes that yoga is for everyone! These passions influence her style of teaching, as she enjoys guiding her students through a relaxing yogic journey, focusing on breath, movement and releasing the heaviness that may arise during your practice. Her goal is to make yoga a truly personal experience that provides you with the precious gift of self care. This allows you to escape, even if for just an hour, from the demands of the outside world. Sam hopes that the time you’ve spent with her will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!