Our Foster Program concentrates on finding rescue horses a home. Often these horses have been surrendered due to the owners' inability, financially or physically, to further care for their beloved companion. Thankfully there are places like Walking 'N Circles Ranch (WNCR), The Horse Shelter, and horse rescues like them that are able to take in and care for horses until they can find their forever home. Even though these shelters have many dedicated ranch hands to help with the day to day chores, there are always a growing number of horses who need to be ridden and trained. In our program the fostered horses receive months of solid riding and training which keeps them physically and mentally fit to be better candidates for adoption. When you ride with us part of your fee goes to helping these rescued animals.

We prescribe to a natural training method. We believe that spending time with the animals and gaining their trust is paramount in turning these horses around. Abuse doesn't always come in the form of violent acts but can be found in neglect. Humans can neglect the horse's mind, not giving them the structure and stimulation a domesticated horse thrives upon. Many of our horses come to the rescue not only with malnourished bodies but broken spirits. Our program concentrates on slowly rebuilding the horse physically and mentally through a relationship built on trust, respect, and understanding. Each horse at Enchantment Equitreks has come from a rescue situation. Our core ranch horses have been through our training program and have blossomed into healthy and happy horses who love their job. The Foster Program allows us to reach even more animals who need a second chance, a little time, and a lot of compassion.

Although clients ride our seasoned ranch horses, sometimes a foster horse excels in its training and is available for clients during their stay.

To follow the progress of our current foster horses or read about previous success stories visit our blog page or follow us on Facebook at Enchantment Equitreks. If you are interested in adopting a horse or any type of pet adoption, here are a series of articles from Homeoanimal that cover topics like the benefits of adopting an animal, myths that are all-too-often associated with adoption, considerations one should take before and during the adoption process and tips for taking care of a new pet. These blog are a wealth of information and can be accessed at  homeoanimal.com .

Saving just one horse will not change the world...
But surely it will change the world....
For that one horse.

Foster Updates

Our plucky pony, Toby, has found his forever home here at Enchantment Equitreks! When this paint gelding came to us as a foster in July 2017, he was halter broke, had been started on ground work, and had never been ridden. Justyn patiently worked with him for most of 2018 and Toby has now blossomed into a confident and easy going trail horse. Although he still needs quite a few rides under his belt, he is sure to be a client favorite.


Meet Dandy! This 10 year old, pinto gelding joined our foster program this June after placing 4th in the Volunteer In Hand Training Challenge. He originally came to WNCR five years ago with Toby, from a hoarding situation. Dandy has excelled at ground training and is on his way to working under saddle. We look forward to getting this curious little guy out on trail! Follow his progress on our Facebook and Instagram pages.